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Welcome to Claim-A-Yiff Character Claim List!
(Based off those bullshit 'claim_a_whatever' communities)

The name of the game: Simply join the community and ask for which five (5) Animal Icons you wanna claim. Encouraged in the postings is playing around with your claims with other claimers and stuff.

If you have suggestions that aren't on the list, post about it, preferably with some description, such as a picture, and it should be added to the list below ASAP. Any range of character is allowed, including male, female, species, from a movie, from a show, from a videogame, etc, so long as it's all about Animal Icons.

(PS: It's called Claim-A-Yiff just to grab attention, although new sexy Icons are allowed on the list.)

The list is new and can get sloppy, so there will be obvious updating!


1: You may request new characters for the list. List their names in alphabetical order for the Moderator to use. Include the Derivation Code properly as well, as shown. Please put them in a clear syntax, shown below these rules.

2: You may claim up to 5 characters, at this time. It is subject to change.

3: If you want to change a character, post which one you want, but if it's over the limit, another has to be removed in compensation.

4: If you are leaving the community, please post which ones you own, so the Moderator can remove them for someone else to claim.

5: If you see any mistake on the list, such as a typo or misinformation, notify it on a post for the Moderator.

6: When making a claim, please make sure you have all your claims together in one post. Editing a post to add new claims may or may not be caught by the Moderator.

Finally: Have fun!

The syntax is:
Name - (Gender) - {Species} - [Derivation: Title] - Owner

Derivation Code:
TV Show - Cartoons or TV Shows
Movie - Cinematic Features
Video Game - Video games
Literature - Books or Stories

Miscellaneous titles, like Deities or Heroes in real life, the Moderator will take care of.


Agumon (Male) {Digimon} [TV Show: Digimon Series] - yiffpuppy

Akila (Female) {Wolf} [Movie: The Jungle Book] - wolfsinn

Aleu (Female) {Husky} [Movie: Balto Series] -

Amy Rose (Female) {Hedgehog} [Video Game: Sonic the Hedgehog Series] -

Angelina Ballerina (Female) {Mouse} [TV Show: Angelina Ballerina] -

Anubis (Male) {Jackal} [Ancient Egyptian Deity] -

Anubis (Male) {Jackal} [TV Show: Mummies Alive!] - sabertooth_kit


Babs Bunny (Female) {Rabbit} [TV Show: Tiny Toons] -

Baloo (Male) {Bear} [Movie: The Jungle Book | TV Show: Talespin] -

Balto (Male) {Husky/Wolf} [Famous Alaskan Canine | Movie: 'Balto' Series] -

Barney Bear (Male) {Bear} [TV Show: Tex Avery Toons] -

Bastet (Female) {Cat} [Ancient Egyptian Deity] -

Bastet (Female) {Cat} [TV Show: Mummies Alive!] -

Bebop (Male) {Warthog} [TV Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] -

Belle (Male) {Dog} [TV Show: Belle and Sebastian] -

Bernard (Male) {Mouse} [Movie: The Rescuers] -

Berri Squirrel (Female) {Squirrel} [Video Game: Conker's Bad Fur Day] - noreallynothere

Biyomon (Female) {Digimon} [TV Show: Digimon Series] -

Blake (Male) {White Tiger} [TV Show: Father of the Pride] -

Blink (Male) {Mole} [Video Game: Spyro the Dragon 4 - A Hero's Tale] -

Blitz (Male) {Dog} [TV Show: Road Rovers] -

Ms. Bianca (Female) {Mouse} [Movie: The Rescuers] -

Bobby (Male) {Pigeon} [TV Show: Animaniacs] -

Bonkers (Male) {Bobcat} [TV Show: Bonkers] -

Breezly Bruin (Male) {Polar Bear} [TV Show: Breezly and Sneezly] - sabotlours

Brenda Springer (Female) {Poodle} [TV Show: Animalympics] -

Mrs. Brisby (Female) {Mouse} [Movie: The Secret of NIMH] - peromyscus

Bugs Bunny (Male) {Rabbit} [TV Show: Looney Tunes] -

Bunnie Rabbot (Female) {Rabbit/Robot Hybrid} [Video Game: Sonic the Hedgehog Series] -

Buster Bunny (Male) {Rabbit} [TV Show: Tiny Toons] -


Candy (Female) {Gopher} [TV Show: Father of the Pride] -

Carmelita Fox (Female) {Fox} [Video Game: Sly Cooper Series] - chythar

Charlie (Male) {Dog} [Movie: All Dogs Go To Heaven] -

Cheetara (Female) {Cheetah} [TV Show: Thundercats] -

Chip (Male) {Chipmunk} [TV Show: Disney Cartoons] -

Chuck (Male) {Chameleon} [TV Show: Rocko's Modern Life] -

Chutney (Male) {Elephant} [TV Show: Father of the Pride] -

Coco Bandicoot (Female) {Bandicoot} [Video Game: Crash Bandicoot Series] -

Colleen (Female) {Dog} [TV Show: Road Rovers] - chythar

Conker (Male) {Squirrel} [Video Game: Conker's Bad Fur Day] -

Cornflower (Female) {Mouse} [TV Show: Redwall] - peromyscus

Cream (Female) {Rabbit} [Video Game: Sonic the Hedgehog Series] - feline_warrior

Cynder (Female) {Dragon} [Video Game: The Legend of Spyro - A New Beginning] - rednic


Daffy Duck (Male) {Duck} [TV Show: Looney Tunes] -

Daisy Duck (Female) {Duck} [TV Show: Disney Cartoons] -

Dale (Male) {Chipmunk} [TV Show: Disney Cartoons] -

Danger Mouse (Male) {Mouse} [TV Show: Danger Mouse] -

Donald Duck (Male) {Duck} [TV Show: Disney Cartoons] -

Don Karnage (Male) {Wolf} [TV Show: Talespin]

Donatello (Male) {Turtle} [TV Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] -

Dot Warner (Female) {???} [TV Show: Animaniacs] -

Dragon (Female) {Dragon} [Movie: Shrek] - rednic

Count Duckula (Male) {Duck} [TV Show: Danger Mouse | TV Show: Count Duckula] -

Dutchess (Female) {Cat} [Movie: The Aristocats] -


Ed (Male) {Hyena} [Movie: The Lion King] -

Eevee - (???) - {Pokemon} - [Video Game: Pokemon] - happywulf

Erma Felna (Female) {Cat} [Comic: Albedo] -

Ernest Penfold (Male) {Hamster} [TV Show: Danger Mouse] -

Exile (Male) {Dog} [TV Show: Road Rovers] -


Felix the Cat (Male) {Cat} [Early Animation] -

Fievel Mousekewitz (Male) {Mouse} [Movie: An American Tail] - yiffpuppy

Fifi LeFume (Female) {Skunk} [TV Show: Tiny Toons] -

Filburt Turtle (Male) {Turtle} [TV Show: Rocko's Modern Life] -

Fisk Black (Male) {Cat} [Web Comic: Better Days] -

Flora (Female) {Keidran (A fictional catlike species)} [Web Comic: 2Kinds] -

Foo-Lin (Female) {Panda} [TV Show: Father of the Pride] -


Gabumon (Male) {Digimon} [TV Show: Digimon Series] -

Gadget (Female) {Mouse} [TV Show: Chip and Dale-Rescue Rangers] - feline_warrior

Gary Andrews (Male) {Rat} [TV Show/Web Cartoon: Gary the Rat] -

Gatomon (Female) {Digimon} [TV Show: Digimon Series] - chythar

Goldie Pheasant (Female) {Pheasant} [Movie: Rock-a-Doodle] -

Goofy (Male) {Dog} [TV Show: Disney Cartoons] -

Guilmon (Male) {Digimon} [TV Show: Digimon Series] - rednic


Heffer Wolffe (Male) {Steer} [TV Show: Rocko's Modern Life] - knightjams523

Hunter (Male) {Dog} [TV Show: Road Rovers] -

Hunter (Male) {White Lion} [TV Show: Father of the Pride] -



Jenna (Female) {Husky} [Movie: Balto Series] - knightjams523

Jerry the Mouse (Male) {Mouse} [TV Show: Tom and Jerry] -

Justin (Male) {Rat} [Movie: The Secret of NIMH] -


Kaa (Male) {Snake} [Movie: The Jungle Book] - sabotlours

Kate (Female) {White Lioness} [TV Show: Father of the Pride] - knightjams523

Kirara (Female) {Cat/Demon} [TV Show: Inuyasha] -

Klonoa - (Male) - {Dog/Bunny} - [Video Game: Klonoa - Door to Phantomile] - happywulf

Knuckles (Male) {Echidna} [Video Game: Sonic the Hedgehog Series] -

Krystal (Female) {Fox} [Video Game: StarFox] -

Kuroro (Female) {Cat/Demon} [TV Show: Inuyasha] -


Lady (Female) {Dog} [Movie: Lady and the Tramp] -

Larry (Male) {White Lion} [TV Show: Father of the Pride] -

Lassie (Female) {Dog) [TV Show: Lassie] - wolfsinn

Leomon (Male) {Digimon} [TV Show: Digimon Series] -

Leon (Male) {Chameleon} [TV Show: Rocko's Modern Life] -

Leonardo (Male) {Turtle} [TV Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] -

Lily (Female) {Lioness} [TV Show: Father of the Pride] -

Lola Bunny (Female) {Rabbit} [Movie: Space Jam] - noreallynothere

Luca (Female) {Cat} [TV Show: IGPX] -

Lucky (Male) {Dog} [Movie: 101 Dalmatians] -

Lucy Black (Female {Cat} [Web Comic: Better Days] -


Maid Marion (Female) {Fox} [Movie: Disney's Robin Hood] -

Maugrim (Male) {Wolf} [Movie: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe] - wolfsinn

Michelangelo (Male) {Turtle} [TV Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] -

Mickey Mouse (Male) {Mouse} [TV Show: Disney Cartoons] -

Mighty Mouse (Male) {Mouse} [TV Show: Mighty Mouse] -

Minerva Mink (Female) {Mink} [TV Show: Animaniacs] - sciucaro

Minnie Mouse (Female) {Mouse} [TV Show: Disney Cartoons] -

Mirage (Female) {Cat} [TV Show: Aladdin Series] - sciucaro

Modo (Male) {Mouse} [TV Show: Biker Mice from Mars] - chancesteele

Ms. Mudd (Female) {Fox} [Web Comic: Ozy and Millie] -

Muzzle (Male) {Dog} [TV Show: Road Rovers] -


Nala (Female) {Lion} [Movie: The Lion King] - knightjams523

Nelson (Male) {Panda} [TV Show: Father of the Pride] -


O'Malley (Male) {Cat} [Movie: The Aristocats] -


Palmon (Female) {Digimon} [TV Show: Digimon Series] - chythar

Paula Hutchenson (Female) {Cat} [TV Show: Rocko's Modern Life] -

Penelope (Female) {Dragon} [Movie: Barbie as Rapunzel] - knightjams523

Pesto (Male) {Pigeon} [TV Show: Animaniacs] -

Pluto (Male) {Dog} [TV Show: Disney Cartoons] -

Plucky Duck (Male) {Duck} [TV Show: Tiny Toons] -

Pumbaa (Male) {Warthog} [Movie: The Lion King] -



Raphael (Male) {Turtle} [TV Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] -

Razor/Jake Clawson (Male) {Cat} [TV Show: SWAT Kats] -

Rebecca Cunningham (Female) {Bear} [TV Show: Talespin] -

Renamon (Female) {Digimon} [TV Show: Digimon Series] - chythar

Richard 'RC' Conrad (Male) {Raccoon} [Web Comic: Sabrina-Online] - tabbiewolf

Rita the Cat (Female) {Cat} [TV Show: Animaniacs] -

Robin Hood (Male) {Fox} [Movie: Disney's Robin Hood] - sciucaro

Rocko (Male) {Wallaby} [TV Show: Rocko's Modern Life] - sabertooth_kit

Rocksteady (Male) {Rhino} [TV Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] -

Roger (Male) {Orangutan} [TV Show: Father of the Pride] -

Rremly (Male) {Dragon} [Web Comic: Catharsis] - rednic


Sabrina (Female) {Skunk} [Web Comic: Sabrina-Online] - tabbiewolf

Sally Acorn (Female) {Chipmunk/Squirrel Hybrid} [Video Game: Sonic the Hedgehog Series] -

Sarmoti (Male) {White Lion} [TV Show: Father of the Pride] -

Sasha (Female) {Rabbit} [Website: SexyFur.com] - sciucaro

Scooby-Doo (Male) {Dog} [TV Show: Scooby-Doo] -

Scrat (Male) {Squirrel} [Movie: Ice Age] - yiffpuppy

Set (Male) {Bulldog} [TV Show: Mummies Alive!] -

Shadow (Male) {Hedgehog} [Video Game: Sonic the Hedgehog Series] -

Shag (Male) {Dog} [TV Show: Road Rovers] -

Sheila Black (Female) {Cat} [Web Comic: Better Days] -

Shirley Loon (Female) {Loon} [TV Show: Tiny Toons] -

Sierra (Female) {White Lioness} [TV Show: Father of the Pride] -

Silvia Marpole (Female) {Dog} [Movie: An Extremely Goofy Movie] -

Simba (Male) {Lion} [Movie: The Lion King] -

Skippy Squirrel (Male) {Squirrel} [TV Show: Animaniacs] -

Slappy Squirrel (Female) {Squirrel} [TV Show: Animaniacs] -

Sly Cooper (Male) {Raccoon} [Video Game: Sly Cooper Series] - yiffpuppy

Snack (Male) {Gopher} [TV Show: Father of the Pride] -

Sonic (Male) {Hedgehog} [Video Game: Sonic the Hedgehog Series] -

Speedy Gonzalez (Male) {Mouse} [TV Show: Looney Tunes] -

Splinter (Male) {Rat} [TV Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] -

Spyro (Male) {Dragon} [Video Game: Spyro the Dragon] - rednic

Squit (Male) {Pigeon} [TV Show: Animaniacs] -

Steele (Male) {Husky} [Movie: Balto] - wolfsinn

Stiletto (Male) {Crow} [TV Show: Danger Mouse] -

Swift (Male) {Fox} [TV Show: David The Gnome] - wolfsinn

Sylvester the Cat (Male) {Cat} [TV Show: Looney Tunes] -


T-Bone/Chance Furlong (Male) {Cat} [TV Show: SWAT Kats] -

Tails (Male) {Two-Tailed Fox} [Video Game: Sonic the Hedgehog Series] -

Tanya Mousekewitz (Female) {Mouse} [Movie: An American Tail] - peromyscus

Taz (Male) {Tasmanian Devil} [TV Show: Looney Tunes] -

Templeton (Male) {Rat} [Literature: Charlotte's Web] -

Tentomon (Male) {Digimon} [TV Show: Digimon Series] -

Throttle (Male) {Mouse} [TV Show: Biker Mice from Mars] - chancesteele

Thunderbolt (Male) {Dog} [Movie: 101 Dalmations 2]

Tikal (Female) {Echidna} [Video Game: Sonic the Hedgehog Series] -

Timmy Tiptoes (Male) {Squirrel} [Literature: Beatrix Potter - 'The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes'] -

Timon (Male) {Meerkat} [Movie: The Lion King] -

Tod (Male) {Fox} [Movie: The Fox and the Hound] -

Tod (Male) {Fox} [Movie: The Plague Dogs] -

Tom the Cat (Male) {Cat} [TV Show: Tom and Jerry] -



Victoria (Female) {White Tigress} [TV Show: Father of the Pride] -

Vincent (Male) {Flamingo} [TV Show: Father of the Pride] -

Vinnie (Male) {Mouse} [TV Show: Biker Mice from Mars] - chancesteele

Virginia Wolfe (Female) {Wolf} [TV Show: Rocko's Modern Life] -

Vixey (Female) {Fox} [Movie: The Fox and the Hound] -


Waffle/Wafuru - (Male) - {Dog/Chow} - [Video Game: Tail Concerto] - happywulf

Wakko Warner (Male) {???} [TV Show: Animaniacs] -

Wile E. Coyote (Male) {Coyote} [TV Show: Looney Tunes] - sabertooth_kit

Wilykat (Male) {Cat} [TV Show: Thundercats] - yiffpuppy

Wilykit (Female) {Cat} [TV Show: Thundercats] -



Yakko Warner (Male) {???} [TV Show: Animaniacs] - sciucaro


Zig-Zag (Female) {Skunk/White Tiger Hybrid} [Web Comic: Sabrina-Online] - feline_warrior

These members claimed:
chancesteele - 3
peromyscus - 3
chythar - 5
feline_warrior - 3
happywulf - 3
knightjams523 - 5
noreallynothere - 2
rednic - 5
sabertooth_kit - 3
sabotlours - 2
sciucaro - 5
tabbiewolf - 2
wolfsinn - 5
yiffpuppy - 5
Current Maximum: 5


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